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It's not just our slogan, we take pride in being
"Simply The Best" RV and Marine dealer in New Mexico. 

 From the products we sell, to our commitment of providing OUTSTANDING customer service, we strive to be Simply The Best!

If you have had a great experience at Rocky Mountain RV and Marine and would like to share it with us, email your story to and we will share it on this page! 

Letters mentioning a particular employee will be read in front of their peers and they will receive a monetary reward for achieving the level of customer satisfaction that inspires our customers to write such nice letters! We call them Atta Boy's!

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From: Joni

Sent: Thursday, September 3, 2015 9:50 PM


Subject: Wonderful experience

There is no way we can describe what a pleasure it was working with Gary Budde. What a refreshing experience to work with Gary at Rocky Mountain RVand Marine!!!

We had a blow out on the front driver's side tire of our Country Coach motorhome. Damage to our wheel well and front body panels was heartbreaking. Rocky Mountain was highly recommended so we headed to Albuquerque for repairs.

Gary Budde and his crew were outstanding in all respects. Gary kept us informed and responded to phone calls and questions promptly.  The repairs and paint job look like new. He was honest, did what he said he would do in a timely manner and went beyond, exceeding expectations.

Anyone needing repairs in the Albuquerque area will have a good experience if they work with Rocky Mountain RV and Marine. 

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Rocky Mountain RV & Marine
Attention: Mr. Rick Scholl and Ms. Judy Roberts
27OO Central Avenue SE Albuquerque NM 87123

Dear Mr. Scholl and Ms. Roberts

We have been dealing with Rocky Mountain since March 2OO5 when we purchased our new Winnebago. In doing so, we have always dealt with Ms. Jayne Fairchild, your service coordinator.

This is a letter of commendation for Ms. Fairchild. Whenever we had a problem or a question, whether we were in town or "on the road", Ms. Fairchild always responded immediately. If she couldn't come up with a solution, she coordinated with a technician to solve our problem. She has always been very professional in all of our dealings with your company.

We have never hesitated to recommend service by Ms. Fairchild to any of our RVing friends.

We feel that you are very fortunate to have an employee of her caliber. Please pass our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Fairchild for all her help and we look forward to dealing with her in the future.

Bill and Gloria Johnson
Albuquerque NM 


Judy Roberts / Rick Scholl
Rocky Mountain RV& Marine
12700 Central Ave. S. E. Albuquerque, NM 87123

Judy & Rick;

Over the last few months we have had occasion to bring our 2010 Lance model 992 camper in for warranty/service work on three occasions.  The first time was in mid July, when cleaning up the camper after a tip I realized that the Microwave was falling out of the cabinet.  I called and spoke to Bob Franklin, we brought it in and the Microwave was properly installed while my wife and I went for a walk, this was covered under warranty as the installation was determined to be incorrect at the Factory.

The second time, on October 18th late in the day, I was doing the final loading for a trip to California and discovered that the Generator would not start. I called, talked to Emilie and Mary; I was transferred to Wes Headlund. Wes asked me to check a few items and call him right back. I did so; he said that the problem was with the propane regulator and to bring it in early the next day. I did so, again, I was on my way within an hour, home and off to California as planned. On this occasion, Jane Fairchild and Bob Franklin had this repair covered by Lance.

Yesterday we came and picked up the camper after your people installed a 60-watt solar panel to keep the batteries charged up. We were assisted in our selection of this panel by Ernest Marquez. Ernest quoted us a very fair price, the work was accomplished in a timely manner and completed a day sooner than was originally quoted when I called Jane and told her that we were going to need the truck sooner than originally planned. I am sure that it is a real pain in the butt for the ladies at your service desk, (Jane, Emilie and Mary) to deal with constant calls with "when will it be done" inquires.

While we were very pleased with your sales staff when we purchased the camper in 2010, the shining light of your organization is the service / parts department.

The three ladies on the service desk, (Jane, Emilie, and Mary), do a tremendous job and are always pleasant to deal with. Your service, and assistant service manager, (Bob & Wes) make the time to answer my questions and return telephone calls promptly. Ernest also took the time to answer my questions. We have never met the people in the back that get things done and fulfill the managers' promises; they are to be commended for a job well done.

Thank you,

Mary & Steve Randall
Veguita, NM

Judy Roberts

Rocky Mountain RV & Marine
12700 Central Avenue S.E.
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Ms. Roberts,

Having just returned from my yearly fall motorhome trip to the Southwest I thought it
appropriate to take time to recognize one of your employees who provided me with exceptional
customer service at Rocky Mountain RV & Marine on my trip through Albuquerque.

Two days before arriving in Albuquerque the windshield wiper of my Safari motorhome broke
one of its two arms on the driver's side. This meant I had no usable windshield wiper on either
side. I decided to stay at the KOA in Albuquerque and to drive my towed car to the RV
locations on Central Avenue. My first stop was to your store where I met Fran Foster of your
parts and accessories department. Ms. Foster was a very friendly knowledgeable person who
took on the challenge of finding a windshield wiper arm for my 2000 Safari motorhome.

Finding parts for an older motorhome no longer made can be challenging. This did not
discourage Fran from the challenge. She did locate one on the internet. The supplier required
further details so I returned to the campground to fully measure the broken arm and also take
digital pictures of the arm. Fran forwarded the information as well as the digital files from the
memory card of my camera. The available wiper arm was a match so Fran made arrangements
for it to be shipped to your store. Since the weather looked good I decided to continue moving
on my trip to Las Vegas. Fran kept me informed on the status of the wiper arm shipment by cell
phone and also made an appointment to have the wiper arm installed on my return trip to

What I feared would be a dreadful experience turned out to be an exceptional
experience due to the customer service provided by Ms. Foster. This type of above and beyond
customer service is rare today. I will heartily recommend your store to fellow campers and
would definitely return to your store on return trips to Albuquerque.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Wohlleb


             Great Parts Department Thank You Fran, Jarrid and Juan for your help at quitting time to replace the drivers mirrors after our accident on the inter-state. Thank you also to the gentlemen who installed the top mirror so we could continue our trip. We hope we always deal with people like you. We will be using RMRV as much as possible for our RV needs.
Submitted By: Norman McConnell  9/21/11

August 27 2011

Dear Rocky Mountain management,

We heard about the fire in your service department, and we thought you might have closed it down while it was being rebuilt.  But we were pleasantly surprised to hear that your service department is up and running full speed when we called to inquire.

Recovering from a fire is a trying time.  We know because we had a fire in our home, and it was pretty tough running a home business while our house was being rebuilt.

We’ve always been treated so well when we brought our motor home to you for service.  So congratulations on your efforts to remain committed to your service customers by “making do”.

Bonnie & Judy

Rio Rancho

August 24th 2011

Many thanks to our salesman, Scot Noland, for suggesting that we sign up for the Priority RV Network.  When we had a problem with our power steering in our Winnebago motorhome in California, Richardson’s RV in Riverside gave us priority service FOR SURE.  Even though the service department was slammed, they moved us to the top of the list and repaired the power steering the same day and we were on our way.

Thanks Scot, You the MAN!

Dave & Emma

Santa Fe 

July 19, 2011

I wanted to write just a note of thanks to your finance manager, Bob Scholl.

Bob was very helpful in getting us approved for a loan on our new Layton travel trailer.  He worked hard to find a finance source that give us the credit we needed.

Many Thanks Bob!
Sam & Jody, Roswell

Dear Rocky Mountain RV Management,

Dianna and I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that your service people are really treating your customers very well.

On May 21st we stopped by with a air conditioner problem on our way up to Colorado from El Paso.  Our Bounder motor home was pretty hot at the Elephant Butte campground, because the AC wasn’t putting out much cool air.

The people at your service desk were kind and considerate, and although the service technicians were pretty busy, they managed to have one of them take a look at our AC without an appointment.

The problem was a simple one and the tech repaired it pretty fast.  The electrical system just needed a little attention.

Thank you so much!  You guys saved our vacation, and we won’t forget it.

Sam & Dianna Levy
El Paso, Texas 

April 18, 2011

Dear Rocky Mountain RV, Jayne, Billy & all,

We found your store on line & rarely do the boasts on a web site meet the expectation!  Your shop however went beyond our hopes!  We needed a new A/C for our bedroom in our 2001 Monaco La Palma.  Jane handled the parts ordering, made sure of its arrival by slotting 2 possible repair dates.  The A/C arrived on time & she called to confirm our earlier appointment.  She also stayed in contact with us and let us know the status of the A/C as it was being shipped.  Then we expected to have an all day repair wait, much to our surprise, Billy came out about 2 hours after we dropped off our RV and told us it was done!

Wow! & Wow!  Thanks for being a friend & Great Mechs!  Your shop store was great too & the ladies room was clean and smelled good.  So you are deserving of THANK YOU!

George & Debby Livermore
"Full Time RVers"
Livingston, TX

April 30th, 2011

To the attention of:  Rick Scholl, Judy Roberts, Emilie Thomas and Dave Bell

I want to Thank You for the excellent service we received on our 2005 Mandalay motorhome on April 14, 2011. 

We had been dealing with roof leaks on our coach and no amount of caulk and service at other facilities solved all our problems. Since we were traveling through, Emilie Murray-Thomas did a great job of scheduling us in on a day's notice and making sure we were properly taken care of - great customer service! 

Dave Bell, our technician, carefully diagnosed our issues and took the time to explain in detail what needed doing (fortunately not a lot!). He was even able to fix a couple other things we threw at him on short notice. When we were done, Jane Fairchild was very helpful and got us checked out quickly so we could be on our way..all the way to the Kirtland AFB Famcamp (lots of wind that day)!

Even though we were there only one day, everyone made us feel like welcome guests and that we were appreciated. I can understand why your business is so successful. I will be sure to pass along my positive experience to others.
Hank (and Joyce) Whitney
Custer, South Dakota

Dear Rocky Mountain RV & Marine,

My wife and I want to thank you so much for taking us at the last minute on April 4th to repair the Unified Braking System on our Land Rover and getting us back on the road to California with-out delay.

 A special thanks to Mary, Dave & the other lady service coordinator for their super attitude and fantastic willingness to help us.

Jerry & Sheila Lemberger

Greetings Mr. Rick Scholl & Ms. Judy Roberts,

I want to give you some positive feedback regarding your service department.  I hove owned a number of RVs over the last 30 years and it is extremely rare that I would compliment an RV service facility.  However, my experience with your service department is worth recognizing.

 A few months ago while traveling back east I was in an accident that tore s significant hole in my 2007 Holiday Rambler Scepter.  I called your business to inquire about your capabilities to repair and rebuild fiberglass. After discovering you have the expertise in-house, I made an appointment and the service desk was very supportive of my schedule needs, even though it was not convenient for the shops schedule.  I checked in with Emily and of course she was very helpful throughout the process, always cheerful and eager to check out our RV status and report back to me.  Your service manager, Mr. Bob Franklin, did an outstanding job working with my insurance company to get all of the damage repaired to my satisfaction.

 I especially want to recognize Mr. Gary, the body repa9r specialist.  He is very professional.  He took the time to ensure the job was done in an exceptional manner and in my opinion went over and beyond the call for a good job.  He was always very courteous and made sure he understood my expectations.  After the job was complete and I pointed out a minor issue he was quick to repair and resolve my issue.  He did an outstanding job with the repair of my Holiday Rambler motor home.

 It is with pleasure that I recommend Rocky Mountain RV & Marine to my friends with service needs, and I’m confident that they will be treated fairly by your service department.


 Jack Tillman, Albuquerque, New Mexico

My wife and I just purchased our 3rd RV from Rocky Mountain RV & Marine.  Their sales staff listens to what you have to say, and then they treat you with respect.  All three purchases over the last 18 years have been a very pleasurable experience.  Once you become a customer, these people will spoil you rotten, you'll never go anywhere else!
It's true, they are simply the best.

Bob & Becky

Santa Fe

  We were preparing to leave Albuquerque to participate in a horse show in Denver when we had a problem with our motor home.  When we called the service department and explained our emergency, Bob Franklin, the service manager was put on the phone and he asked us to bring our motor home in asap and they would get right on it.  
  When we arrived the service department was ready to help us as soon as we drove up.  They repaired the problem and we were on our way in a very short period of time.  
  The amazing part of this story is that we didn't buy our used motor home from from Rocky Mountain RV & Marine, but you can bet we will definitely buy our next one from them!


I had recently purchased an almost new Tracker Tundra from an out of state individual. There was a small electrical problem, which your shop repaired under warranty. The problem was that the warranty transfer had not been completed to my name yet. Emily demonstrated outstanding effort calling Tracker over the next few days, and making sure they were prompt in completing the transfer. Her effort in tracking this for me and “getting it done” is rare in today’s service industry. She has provided me in the confidence in the quality of the staff.

We had to have a recall on our refrigerator done, we took our unit to the local dealer where the unit was purchased and received terrible service. So I made an appointment with Jane and from my initial conversation with her on the phone to make the appointment through to my time spent at Rocky Mountain, I received nothing but prompt, courteous and efficient service from her and your staff. Your Technician, Billy, repaired the fix in less time than it took me to go eat breakfast. Needless to say, I am very impressed with your staff and the service they provided to me.

 With customer service and staff like you have, you now have yourself one more customer as we are now making Rocky Mountain the place to go for all our RV and marine needs.

Rio Rancho, NM
We wanted to thank you for the fast and great service for the repair of the roof of our beautiful Cardinal 30RKLE. Having to deal with the fact that we did this damage to our new Cardinal was hard, but everyone that dealt with us, made us feel better about our situation. The repairs and extra work we wanted done were finished way before the time expected.

Roy and Dayna  

We brought our RV in for some service work. While we were waiting for our turn, I went shopping leaving our cat in the RV thinking I would be able to return before you began working on the RV. Before I returned, Billy had begun the repairs, stating that the cat would not bother him. We would like to commend him for his efforts in repairing the RV and listening when we stated how the problem started. From that information, he was able to figure out and repair the problem. He also made sure that it was covered under warranty. For his friendliness and going the extra mile in order to assist us so that we could continue our travels, we are very grateful.

Cincinnati, OH

This letter is to congratulate you for creating such a terrific RV company.

We have purchased 2 motorhomes at Rocky Mountain, and have had a great experience every time. Everyone we have dealt with from sales to service has been wonderful.

Your commitment to service after the sale has been outstanding. We have learned the real value of expert sales and service, and we are grateful to the fine organization you run.
We really feel like the customer matters at Rocky Mountain!

Paul and Linda
Albuquerque, NM  


    In 1990 my wonderful wife bought me a TX-17 Tracker Bass Boat as a surprise for our 7th wedding anniversary.  About 2 years later it developed some leaks, and the Tracker dealer in Albuquerque where she bought it attempted to repair the leaks.  In the process, they made them much worse. 
    When we went back to the dealership, we found that they were closed, out of business, so we called Tracker in Springfield, Mo. and asked them what we should do.  They informed us that the Tracker franchise had been taken over by Rocky Mountain RV & Marine and to take the boat to them and they would ship it back to Tracker for repair.
    We were treated so well at Rocky Mountain RV & Marine, you would have thought that we had purchased the boat from them!  They sent our boat back to Tracker Boats on a truck that had just delivered a load of boats to them.
    Just 3 weeks later Rocky Mountain RV & Marine called and informed us that Tracker Boats had decided to replace the entire hull of our damaged boat at no charge, and it was back in Albuquerque at their dealership ready to be picked up.  I was shocked that Tracker Boats had replaced the 2-year old hull with a brand new one!
    Since then, I have bought another Tracker Boat from Rocky Mountain RV & Marine, and I am now a Rocky Mountain RV & Marine and Tracker Boats "Customer for LIfe!!!"

BH/Owasso, OK

Feb 26, 2011

Wow!  What an RV dealership!  My wife and I were vacationing in New Mexico in our Winnebago Adventure when I had a problem with my power steering.  We contacted Winnebago via the Internet, but Winnebago told us that they couldn't help us and they directed us to Rocky Mountain RV in Albuquerque.

I was so impressed with the treatment we received due to our membership in the Priority RV Service Network.  The service writer at Rocky Mountain RV was so pleasant and she told us that they would do the best they could so we could continue our vacation even though we hadn't bought our Winnebago from them.

In less that 2 hours the service department had repaired our power steering problem and we were back on the road toward Santa Fe in our Winnebago Motor Home.

I have never been treated better at any RV dealership!  Not even the one where we bought our Winnebago from in Oregon.  The people that work at Rocky Mountain RV are the best in the business.

 John McCubbin, Salem, Oregon  


Rocky Mountain RV and Marine - "Simply the Best"
RV & Boat Dealership in New Mexico! 
12700 Central SE - Albuquerque, NM 87123
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