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Rocky Mountain RV & Marine Blog

Welcome to Our First Nitro Blog

Welcome to Our First Nitro Blog
Let me start of by introducing myself.  My name is Travis Roberts.  I have been at Rocky Mountain RV and Marine for the last 8 years or so.  My father and I are the proud owners of a Tracker Marine 2010 Nitro Z-7, powered by a Mercury 200 Optimax Pro XS.  We fish local New Mexico bass club tournaments along with fun fishing with our families and friends.

In this blog series I hope to let everyone know about new innovations throughout the Tracker Marine NITRO line, as well as why I love fishing out of them so much.

In this first issue, I thought a quick history lesson would be appropriate, so here we go.

Tracker Marine, the parent company of NITRO, introduced their first ready to fish boat package in 1978. Founder Johnny Morris wanted everyone to be able to go out and fish like the pros at an affordable price.  This mentality has survived now for more than 30 years, because NITRO is the best priced fiberglass bass boat on the market.

Here is a list and brief description of the current Tracker Marine Nitro Boats along with the year they were introduced to the world.

Z-9 - This boat was introduced in 2007 at 20’9” long and 8’ wide it is the largest boat in the Nitro line. 300 Horsepower max engine and 66-gallon fuel tank will take to from fishing hole to fishing hole as fast as you desire all weekend long. The boat weighs in at 2100 LBS with a max weight capacity of 2150LBS.

Nitro Z-9 Dual Console
Nitro Z-9 Dual Console

Z-9CDC - The CDC stands for center dual console, released in 2008 this boat is unique in the fact it can sit 4 across instead of 3. The measurements are as follows, 20'9” long 8’ wide, 55-gallon fuel tank with a max horsepower of 300. She weighs in at 2150LBS with a carrying capacity of 2150LBS.

                      Nitro Z-8

Nitro Z-8

Z-8 - This is one of the nicest tournament boats on the market, it was released in 2008. At 20’9” long and 8’ wide it is just a tad smaller than the Z-9. The max recommended horsepower is listed at 250, which is just right with HP regulations in most tournaments. Its 55-gallon fuel tank allows you not to worry about running out of fuel. This boat weighs in at 1950LBS with a max weight capacity of 1850LBS.

                 Nitro Z-7
                                                                     Nitro Z-7

Z-7 - This award winning boat was released in 2008, and quickly became the number one selling Nitro. At 18’8” and 94” long it offers everything a tournament or weekend angler might need. With a 150 Horsepower max rating and 45 gallon fuel tank this is one of the most economical packages on the market. She weighs in at 1650LBS with a max carrying capacity of 1390LBS.

                 Nitro Z-6
                                                                 Nitro Z-6

Z-6 - This is the smallest of the Z series boats; originally introduced in 2008 it went on hiatus as the x-5 until now. At 17’6” and 90” wide it is the most manageable on the water as well as the trailer. With a 115 Horsepower max and 26 Gallon fuel tank this boat won’t break the bank to fill up. She weighs in at 1300LBS with a carrying capacity of 1100LBS

Z-7 Sport-Introduced this year (2011) this boat offers everything an angler needs along with everything a family wants. Fish in the morning then pull the kids around in the afternoon. The measurements for this boat are: 19’11” long 93” wide, 150 Max HP, 31 gallon fuel tank, 1775LBS with a carrying capacity of 1500LBS.

290 Sport - This boat is 19’5” long, 6” shorter than the Z-7 Sport, but it makes up for it by being 100” wide, 10” wider than the Z-7 Sport, and having a max Horsepower rating of 225. With a 46-gallon fuel tank you can transform from an angler to a skier without ever filling up. She comes in at 2350LBS with a max carrying capacity of 2000LBS.

So there is the line up of Tracker Marine NITRO boats.   In the next blog I will talk about some of the innovative features that have been built into the Z-9 that make it the boat of choice of many professional anglers.

I hope you enjoyed this first article, and if you have questions post them below.

Remember it shouldn’t cost a fortune to have fun, so come on in to Rocky Mountain RV and Marine and ask us about a Tracker Marine NITRO.



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Barry Hughes
# Barry Hughes
Saturday, April 09, 2011 10:25 AM
Very informative. This boy knows his NITROs!

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