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How to Avoid Low Clearance Hazards

How to Avoid Low Clearance Hazards

 Jon Mills  

How to Avoid Low Clearance Hazards by Jon Mills 


The journey in any RV has its challenges, and those terrible accidents we often see or hear about unfortunately don't just happen to other people. Of course we never set out to be complacent, but sometimes events just unravel in a way you can never predict.

In my experience I have seen too many times how a loss of concentration, a simple distraction, or unexpected bad weather forced a diversion that resulted in disaster. This is especially true at night, so please don't let this happen to you.

To help combat this problem, created ‘Route-1’. Route-1 is a Low Clearance Avoidance System, with a highly accurate Points of Interest (POI) database designed specifically to integrate with your navigation system.

Because Route-1 includes alerts on and off the major routes, it's perfect for RV drivers. It covers a wide range of railroad bridges, overpasses and pedestrian walkways with heights from as low as 5'6" all the way up to 15'11". The database has alerts for covered bridges, truss bridges, and even tunnels. By using Route-1, you will significantly reduce the chances of hitting a low bridge, improve your safety, and be able to relax and enjoy your drive so much more.

The Route-1 database is huge featuring more than 5000 for USA & over 750 for Canada map

Why We Developed

• There are an estimated 5,000 low hazard collisions in the USA each year causing over 100 million dollars' worth of damage to public and personal property.

• Every year there are approximately 1000 injuries and 5 fatalities in strike incidents, not to mention the fines for damaging a bridge are huge.

• There are still many unmarked low clearances out there. Many signs have become dirty,  obscured or too faded to read properly, particularly at night or in heavy rain, snow, mist or fog.

• No matter how rigorously you plan your journey even the most experienced drivers can get caught unprepared, especially after a diversion you were not expecting.

• Dealing with the aftermath of a big accident is one of the biggest stresses a driver can face and something none of us want to experience.

The top ten reasons why you should get Route-1:

1. Ease of use can be used while you're driving whereas a trucker’s atlas cannot.
Our custom designed Point Of Interest symbols are easier to see allowing you to make decisions faster.

2.  Size of Database

The Point Of Interest database is by far the largest available. In addition to the major routes, it covers towns, cities, and rural areas. Other databases cover the major routes only.

3. Personal customization

Set it to for the height of your vehicle and adjust the audio alert to sound at any distance you choose.

4. Versatility

Use as a warning system while you're on the move, and as an avoidance tool when planning your route. Particularly important to those still unfamiliar with their vehicle, or RVers who rent.

5. High Degree of Accuracy

Location coordinates and clearance heights are checked using several trusted resources to ensure precision.

6. Compatibility

Works with most GPS and mapping systems.

7. Up-to-Date Information

Receive regular updates of new locations, height modifications, or deletions. We are notified of changes by trusted sources including our driver community.  All information is verified before updating.

8. User Friendly

Simple and clear download and installation instructions to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Online customer support is provided.

9. Convenient

The Member’s page gives you an easy way to access your downloads, updates and more.

10.  Solid Value

Save time and money. Protect your life and property from serious damage.

Jon Mills is an avid RV enthusiast, and developer of the ‘Route-1’ Low Clearance Avoidance System after witnessing a fatal bridge strike by an RV in 2008. Six years in the making, Route-1 is the largest low clearance database ever devised for the USA & Canada.

Available now at

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