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7 Reasons to Buy a Pop-Up Camper

7 Reasons to Buy a Pop-Up Camper

Why Buy a Pop-Up Camper? 

There are a variety of reasons why you might prefer to a pop-up tent camper over another type of RV.  They are designed for active, growing families on the go and usually have a sleep capacity of 6 or more depending on the model.

 Starflyer Comet 10RT

A typical pop-up camper may not offer all the luxuries that a motor home5th wheel or travel trailer might offer but for camping lovers this could be the ultimate choice! The tented sleeping quarters give you the feeling of sleeping under the stars but offer ultimate comfort with cushy beds!

Here are a few reasons why you might want a pop-up tent camper:


Pop-up tent campers are usually less expensive. They are the first step up from camping in a tent, making them a fantastic choice for many people. Pop-up tent campers have a number of the comforts of home like a kitchen, dining area and bathroom in addition to beds and/or heaters and air conditioning.

Sleep Accommodations

These campers can sleep a 4 to 6, or even 8 people easily.  Higher end models offer special features like outside gas grills and showers and heated mattress pads for those cold New Mexico mountain nights.

Closer to Nature

 For those of you who like the rugged outdoors, in a pop-up tent camper you feel closer to nature because you are not fully enclosed in a solid RV body.  When sleeping in the tented bed area, you are basically “hanging”out in nature, so to speak!



The choices on those campers can be amazing. There are models that have a front deck for storing ATV’s, dirt or mountain bikes or additional coolers.  Some offer air conditioning, fans, built- in CD players, refrigerators and hanging wardrobes.  There is even a hot water outside shower available.

 Starflyer 10 interior


Pop-up tent campers are lightweight and have a high ground clearance.  You can tow them easily with a smaller truck than needed for a 5th wheel or travel trailer and because of the ground clearance, you can take them to places the other classes of RVs can’t go!  If you really like roughing it – you can get there with a pop-up tent camper! 

Easy to Use

Unlike a tent with all its rods and stakes, a pop-up tent camper is designed for fast and easy set up. The mechanism for expanding the tents are much simpler and quick to set up than in the past.


In many neighborhoods, you are not allowed to store a RV in your driveway or on your property.  Because of it’s small dimensions, a pop-up tent can be parked inside a garage or behind a fence and kept out of sight.

Pop up campers might not be for everyone, but they offer a very good choice for those just beginning to camp or those who want less restrictions on where they can go.  Their affordability, choices and simplicity for use and storage make them a favorite for many. 

Rocky Mountain RV and Marine has a large selection of pop-up tent campers to choose from!  We carry Starcraft because we think it's the best product out there.  Come in today and let one of our sales consultants show you the different models to choose from!

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